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Pabobo Lumilove Mister Perfect


This Mr Men themed night light from French company Pabobo makes a friendly and cuddly glowing companion for your little one.
For toilet traning toddlers, he is happy to help give confidence and light the way to the bathroom.
Portable and cordless buddy that glows up to 11 hours.
Safe: doesn’t heat up, even under sheets! Certified CE.
BizzieBaby Award Winner!

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Product Description


Mr Perfect is the 42nd book by Roger Hargreaves in the Mr Men series.
Everything about Mr Perfect is, well, perfect. He never has even a single hair out of place. Unlike us parents sometimes during the second or third night feed!
Rumour has it that Mr Perfect has a bit of a crush on Little Miss Star 😉

This funny and cuddly Mr Men night light companion can join your child on his or her night time adventures.
Portable, safe and cordless.


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