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Dream Theater, the Magic Roundabout, which helps children to sleep like magic. It projects light soothing the walls and ceiling to help children sleep peacefully … With its low power LED, the colors are even more beautiful setting for baby’s attention. And that’s not all: in addition to his moving images that tell a beautiful story before bedtime, Dream Theater is also music. Do not bother to get up to turn it off: the gentle lullaby or nature sounds stops automatically after 45 minutes … By activating the Dodo, it turns back on its own even if the child cries! And of course, whether posed or wall with its wall bracket, engine noise is perfectly safe for small hands. Dream Theater benefits from the innovation Pabobo: this is the first LED lamp carousel. This light projector can also be used instead of a mobile. Calm: beautiful colorful and animated projections that capture the attention of baby Fairytale: a great story before sleeping Musical: the choice between a sweet lullaby or nature sounds Practice: it goes off smoothly after 45 minutes (15 minutes of music if it is enabled). Innovative: the first LED lamp rotates! Easy to ask or wall with its wall bracket, ideal to replace a mobile. Good idea Pabobo: Sleep mode once activated, it turns back on if the child cries! From 36 months (3 +) EC Dream Theater is available in two colors: “Aquarium” or “Jungle”