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We find, list and review nightlights and children's lighting products to make it easy for you to browse a wide range of innovative lighting ideas for your child's nursery, bedroom, or playspace. This is a great place to start looking for the perfect lighting solution for your latest home DIY project.


Looking for a nightlight for a child’s room or nursery? This is a great place to start. We list a large range of innovative, beautiful, educational & themed nightlights.


Click the image above to explore a huge range of lamps and lanterns, suitable for children’s bedrooms and play areas. How cool is your kid’s room?!


A new light-shade transforms a room instantly. Get some instant ideas by clicking the above image. We have loads of cool lamp and light shades.


Enchanting fairy lights can turn a dark spooky corner into a magical comforting glow. Start here to find a selection of stunning children’s string-lights.

Ideas for Children's Lighting

Some tips and ideas for children's bedroom and nursery lighting
"Harsh or bright light can disrupt healthy sleep patterns."

Many children will struggle to sleep when their room is too bright. Blackout blinds can be the perfect way to help your little one nod off for an afternoon nap.

Choose a plain rather than fanciful design of plugin night light for young children, so as to not encourage them to become curious near the socket.

While some mums (and dads) are total darkness night time feed Ninjas, others find a soft glow LED lamp useful to prevent toes being stubbed on route!

A "sleep training" device such as the Grow Clock can sometimes give you that precious extra hour in bed by showing your child when it is time to get out of bed by changing from a dim moon to a brighter sun on the clockface.

  • Light-up cuddly plush pets

    For night-time toilet training, sometimes a cuddly plush toy with a light-up tummy can give a child more confidence to walk alone to the bathroom.

  • Carousel & Light Effects

    Some lamps and night-lights can projects stars, or pretty patterns around the walls and ceiling. These can make a lovely magical environment for bedtime stories or lullabies.

  • Baby Monitors

    Some baby monitors come with a built in soft glow light. You will find some of these in our nightlights section!

  • Plug-in nightlights

    These are small low energy consumption LED lights that plug in directly to a wall socket. Often used to light a hallway or landing, they sometimes use an auto sensor so that they come on automatically when it goes dark.

Children's Nightlights Reviews

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